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Managing Employees and the Law

Managing Employees and the LawMore and more Employer’s are finding themselves involved in costly lawsuits because of issues that they should have been aware of. With even more restrictive laws, you can not afford to manage by trial and error. With this program, you will acquire the knowledge to help you manage employees effectively and avoid the costly traps that hurt your credibility as an organization and can potentially save you thousands of dollars. If you have been managing employees by the “seat of your pants”, then the knowledge gained from this program will help you stay out of “hot water”.

Program Content

Employment Standards
  • Understanding your rights
  • Using no-cause termination
  • Why offer letters & employment contracts are crucial to managing employees
  • Important employment standards’ provisions that you must pay attention to
  • The “Doctrine of Frustration,” what is it and how to use it
Occupational Health & Safety Act
  • Understand the employee’s right to refuse work and what you can do about it
  • Using the OH&S act to help you to discipline unsafe employees
  • Dealing with workplace inspections
  • What documentation is needed to comply with the law
  • Using the OH&S act to reduce frivolous absenteeism
Human Rights Act
  • Know the prohibited grounds
  • Understand the duty to accommodate & implied restrictions
  • Distinguish between bona fide job requirements vs. discriminating practices
  • How to defend against Human Rights Complaints
  • How to use the Human Rights Commission to assist you
Sexual Harassment
  • Understanding the Employer’s Rights & Responsibilities
  • Conducting proper investigations
  • Identifying issues and root causes
  • Developing policies and procedures that protect your employees against sexual harassment
  • Resolving dilemmas regarding complainant’s right to privacy vs. the accused’s right to defend his or her self

General Information

Why should you attend?
  • Small interactive hands-on programs
  • Role-playing and simulation of real workplace situations
  • Group activities, open discussions and case studies
  • Experienced program presenters who are leaders in their field
  • Practical content and information that you can use in your everyday work environment
  • You will not be pressured to purchase books or videos as all program materials are provided at no additional cost
  • Program satisfaction guaranteed!
Who Should Attend?
  • Managers and supervisors
  • Human resources and Labour relations specialists
  • Directors and board members
  • Administrators
  • Members of the negotiations team
  • Future managers, supervisors and those in leadership positions
General Program Information
  • Program materials will be provided
  • Certificates will be presented upon completion of the program
  • Program is in session from 9am to 4 pm