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Dealing with Workplace Conflict

Dealing with Workplace ConflictEmployee conflict is common in all work environments, but if left unmanaged it will have negative consequences on the workplace. Often we take the passive approach to managing conflict, and naively hope that the issues will somehow be resolved. Unfortunately, the issues typically become worse over time and the negativity spreads, resulting in poor employee morale, loss of productivity, absenteeism, staff turnover, and a ‘poisoned’ work environment.

In this program, you will learn effective strategies to resolve employee conflict and how to manage employees who challenge your authority. By understanding the different stimuli to conflict, and why poor employee behaviours develop, you will begin to resolve employee conflict for the long term. With this program you will gain the tools necessary to develop confidence and actively manage the conflict around you.

Program Content

  • Understanding the supervisors’ role in shaping behaviours
  • Learning effective behavioural change models
  • Understanding the different stimuli to conflict
  • Determining when to coach, or discipline a poor employee
  • Building commitment to a behavioural change plan
  • Using ‘power’ or ‘interest’ in resolving disputes
  • Using coaching and mentoring as a tool
  • Determining the true interests behind employee conflict