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Gold Seal Customer Service Level II

Customer Service Level 2Providing ‘gold seal’ customer service is the single most cost effective investment that you can make in your company. If you could grow your business significantly for a fraction of the cost of other traditional marketing investments, such as pricing and promotions, why wouldn’t you do this? In fact, a basic customer service strategy comes from building on investments that you have already made in your business – such as customer acquisition and staffing.

As a manager, it is imperative that you provide your staff with the tools necessary to turn a challenging situation into an opportunity to show value to your customers. You are responsible for ensuring that the appropriate policies and standards are implemented and that your staff is trained on how to act on them. A manager may never have the opportunity to witness when things go wrong; once a customer leaves, it is too late as that customer is lost forever. In this program, you will learn about interest based conflict resolution and communication practices.

You will also learn effective strategies for evaluating the customer service needs of your business and how to develop and implement an effective customer service plan. Acquiring new customers is 80% more expensive than retaining your existing customers. Learn how spending less will actually get you more!

Program Content

  • Defining the value of customer service to your business
  • Developing the right environment for 'gold seal' customer service
  • Standards and practices that support effective service
  • Customer service policies - what should they include and exclude
  • Empowering the "team" and setting clear standards
  • Asking your customers for feedback and how to use this information
  • Learn how a positive brand "experience" can lead to brand "loyalty"
  • The difference between "good" and "gold seal" customer service
  • 10 principles of customer service to implement in your business
  • How to turn a tough situation into a positive experience


  1. Why is customer service an important investment for your company?
  2. What strategies must be included in a great customer service plan?
  3. T/F: Your organizational policies should be clearly laid out in regards to common customer service issues such as your refund policies.
  4. T/F: It is 10x more difficult to gain a new customer than to keep an existing customer.
  5. When is it appropriate to over-rule your employee in front of a customer?
  6. T/F: You should teach your employees to always deal with customers in the same way in order to provide consistent service.
  7. What should you consider when developing customer policies?
  8. What is CRM?
  9. If a customer is asking for something outside of a policy, what should your employees always say as part of their response?
  10. What are three of the most common reasons why customers stop utilizing a service/product?

General Information

Why should you attend?
  • Small interactive hands-on programs
  • Role-playing and simulation of real workplace situations
  • Group activities, open discussions and case studies
  • Experienced program presenters who are leaders in their field
  • Practical content and information that you can use in your everyday work environment
  • You will not be pressured to purchase books or videos as all program materials are provided at no additional cost
  • Program satisfaction guaranteed!
Who Should Attend?
  • Managers and supervisors
  • Human resources and Labour relations specialists
  • Directors and board members
  • Administrators
  • Members of the negotiations team
  • Future managers, supervisors and those in leadership positions
General Program Information
  • Program materials will be provided
  • Certificates will be presented upon completion of the program