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Developing Leadership Skills
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Leadership skills are essential to any Manager or Supervisor, but especially so in this current environment. During challenging times, employees look to leaders for direction and reassurance. Now, more than ever, organizations need strong leaders.

What is leadership and what makes you an effective leader? Is leadership a position or a set of behaviors and attitudes? There are formal and informal leaders in all organizations, what is the difference between them and what makes them stand out. Most importantly, can truly effective leadership be learned?

We say it can.

In this interactive program, learn which interpersonal and social attributes make an effective leader. Once these traits are identified, you can then build strategies to develop, to practice and to refine your skills. Learn that there are several types of leadership styles and that each style is appropriate for a certain set of circumstances. Learn to quickly analyze situations so that you can utilize the most effective style. Through our interactive presentation, case studies and exercises you will be better prepared to lead in this ever-changing, challenging work environment.

Program Content

  • What leadership is all about
  • The key attributes of an effective leader
  • The 8 competencies or skills of effective leaders
  • Your own strengths
  • The four critical components of leadership
  • Your own leadership style
  • Applying leadership styles to a case situation
  • Understand the effect of time on your leadership style
  • Learning the “leadership formula” to achieve positive results
  • Setting out a leadership plan for yourself